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Warehouses need lots of upkeep. It may not seem that way. The stereotype of the musty old warehouse packed to the gills with nondescript boxes is still an insidious image that many people imagine. They’d be surprised at the level of cleanliness expected in most warehouses, and the level of automation involved in moving product in and out the door.

Speedrack Midwest has helped many companies get their warehouses up to speed and in shape for that kind of efficiency. While you’re looking at ways to improve your efficiency and cleanliness, look to the following as ways to start the process early.

Painting – nothing helps your warehouse look clean than a fresh coat of paint. On top of that, the right paint will protect your walls from crumbling and metal from rusting. Identify spots that need attention and make a point to schedule painting times where you can block off certain sections one at a time. Ugly rust spots will also help you identify areas where moisture is a problem, too.

Lighting – keep a record of when lights are replaced. Now that you know the expected lifespan of your bulbs, you’ll know when to replace them before they go out and leave your workers in the dark. This is a big safety concern and one that doesn’t take too much extra effort to introduce to your warehouse.

Batteries – forklift drivers and supervisors alike will be ticked if they’re running on fumes before the end of their shift. Test batteries often for all of your equipment: forklifts, scissor lifts, pallet jacks, handheld devices, anything that workers need a daily basis for regular work. While some items on this list are focused almost exclusively on safety, this is one area that’s focused almost entirely on efficiency.

Floors – warehouse floors can take a beating. You’ll already drilling rack into them, and fluctuating temperatures and wetness and dryness can buckle your concrete. On top of that, think about all the things that spill on your floor. Keep oil cleanup agent ready, amongst other products you may need to clean up other industrial liquids.

Locks and latches – doors are pretty important to warehouses. They get used a lot. And security is a huge topic of concern. That’s why you may as well keep a close on your locks and latches before someone noticed they’re broken someday. Keep a stream of backups ready, and make sure keys are guarded jealously by authorized personnel.

There’s plenty else to occupy your time as a maintenance manager for your warehouse. The advice above is only the tip of the iceberg, and are meant to serve as a good reminder for anyone who’s found quality in some areas slipping. If you’re looking for some more assistance setting up and running your warehouse, you can talk to the experts at Speedrack Midwest. Contact us online or call us at 616-887-8886.