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Most warehouses can spare some floor space for a mobile office, where management is centralized and administrative work can get done more quickly. Whether it’s tucked in a corner, placed front and center, or on a mezzanine looking over the shipping docks, it can be a great way to keep on top of things. Speedrack Midwest can help you determine where to place your mobile office, and decide if you want to make it a permanent installation on the ground floor.

  • Be closer to the action. Keep a closer eye on things with a mobile office. If you’re feeling sequestered in the office and want to know how things are going, now you don’t need to make a habit of making regular trips to the warehouse. Employees can find you easier, and you can communicate more efficiently than ever. Just be careful not to let it become too distracting.
  • Adapt when you need to. They’re called mobile office because they can be moved. Break them down, put them back up. Wherever you have space and enough electrical outlets to accommodate the number of workers you need, you can put one up.
  • Concentrate on what matters. If you’re too removed from the warehouse you may start to lose sight of how it works and what you need to do to improve things. By making contact with the warehouse a routine, you can see how your ideas will apply to the real-world setting.

Mobile offices may be even more of a necessity than you think. If you find yourself running a warehouse from far away and you don’t have anywhere else to plant your computer, consider contacting Speedrack Midwest to set yourself with an office where you need it. Contact us online or by calling 616-887-8886 to get started on your new project today.